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Snail treatment for seafish and fresh-water fish. Zoobio offers you for your hobby only high quality Snail treatment products and more aquarium products at good prices.
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Snail control - Top quality products

Aquarium snail control

They hide in the plant or in the gravel and once one is landed in the basin, it is guaranteed others to follow - snails. Snails, depending on the snail species, can have both sexes and therefore also can propagate itself, so that one snail can quickly become a pest itself. These attack plants and steal fish their feed. Those who want to get rid of snails in the aquarium, have either the possibility snail-eating snails or fish to buy or to work with a special snail control. These are special agents, which are given in the water and greatly reduce the snails stock in the tank or to special traps that attract snails and connect imprison.

Appliance for snail control - simple and effective

In the online shop of Zoobio you have the option to order high-quality and effective products to combat snails in the aquarium. This are particularly effective agents which contain the plagues of snails in the basin. Of course, the individual means for the remaining tank residents are completely non-toxic, so that no hazards here are to be feared. There are for example special bait, which are in a trap and attract the snails. Once in the trap, the output is blocked by a rod. Fish, however do not enter the case. This are particularly effective appliances, because the usage of snail poison I strictly forbidden in Germany.

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