Pebbles and bottom grounds for tanks and aquariums (3 products)

Stones and sand for aquarium for seafish and fresh-water fish. Zoobio offers you for your hobby only high quality Saltwater aquarium base and stones and more aquarium products at good prices.

ZooBio recommends Stones and sand for aquarium brands as followed

  • Dennerle
  • Sera
  • EBI
  • Croci
  • Professional Floreground 2 l
    18,52 £*
    21,28 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: Sera
    Product type: Pebbles & Bottom Grounds
    Package type: Single pack
    • For ideal aeration!
    • Against rotten zones!
  • Nano Marinus ReefSand 2 kg
    8,16 £*
    9,38 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: Dennerle
    Product type: Stones and sand for aquarium
    Package type: Single pack
  • Aquarium Substrate - Sand 5 kg
    Art.-Nr.: 27762
    Light brown White
    3,42 £*
    3,94 £*

    Availability: For orders upon request, the delivery may take up to 10 business days

    Brand: EBI
    Product type: Saltwater aquarium base and stones
    Package type: Single pack
    • Perfect for the natural decoration of bottom
    • Ready to use
    • 100% natural

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Aquarium gravel & stones

Pebbles & Bottom Grounds - Top quality products

Aquarium Ground for your Tank
The ground plays an important role in the aquarium and should always follow the natural needs of living things. Since these can be very diverse and should also fulfil your taste, Zoobio offers a wide range of ground for aquariums so that you can quickly find what you're looking for at a reasonable price. It is important to ensure when choosing a floor ground that a sufficient quantity has been ordered. To make sure that the aquarium plants have an optimal grip and their roots will be able to take hold, a decent amount of ground is needed.

Ordering Ground at Zoobio
There are many different products in the aquarium ground area, so you are sure to find something suitable for both your taste as well as for the needs of the aquarium inhabitants.

Whether fine aquarium sand in different colours, diverse aquarium gravel or a special nutrient medium, the choice could hardly be greater. The individual products are offered by different manufacturer brands. But the one thing they all have in common is that they are of a first-class quality which you can rely on. Furthermore, you have the choice of aquarium gravel for freshwater and special ground for marine aquariums. It is important therefore be thoroughly informed about which ground is the right one before buying, so your animals can live as naturally as possible.

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