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Aqua Rebell

Information about manufacturer - Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell is a line of fertilizers for aquarium plants. The company has been functioning since 2008. Using the results of the latest researches, the company has begun to produce nitrates and phosphates. Some time ago aquarists tried not to use such remedies being afraid of the rapid algae growth. Nowadays however it has turned out that the problem is caused by the imbalance of nutrients. Using Aqua Rebell products aquarists can forget about the old methods and take care of their plants in a better way.

Aqua Rebell products

Products of this brand can be divided into two categories.

  • Basic is fertilizers which gradually improve the condition of aquarium plants.
  • Spezial is products with a quick effect.

Both categories have fertilizers with macro- and microelements.

  • Macroelements are necessary for normal plant development. The lack of one or another macroelement makes the leaves small, twisted, cover with spots and etc.
  • Without microelements plants become yellow and suffer from different diseases. When the plant lacks one necessary nutrient, it can also stop to absorb others.
Advantages of Aqua Rebell products

The Aqua Rebell team constantly tries to improve the quality of their fertilizers. Customers’ feedbacks are very important for the company. It often creates new goods being guided by their advice and offers. Moreover, before putting new fertilizers up for sale they are tested by ordinary customers. Aqua Rebell products are the result of many years' experience, innovative ideas and careful testing.

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If you want to get a bargain and buy high quality fertilizers for your aquarium plants, just contact the “Zoobio” online store. Our prices on Aqua Rebell products will surprise you. To make a purchase, choose a suitable fertiliser, put it into your cart and place an order. We’ll answer any of your questions and deliver your purchase within a few days.

To enjoy the beauty of your aquarium plants, you should decide on Aqua Rebell products.

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