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Information about manufacturer - Almo Nature

The company Almo Nature was established in Genoa in 2000. Its founder was Pier Giovanni Capellino. Almo Nature is the first company which began to use only natural raw materials for the pet food production.

Almo Nature products

The company has two lines of dry dog foods:

  • Holistic is well-balanced foods of super premium class with the optimal amount of protein.
  • Alternative is revolutionary single protein holistic foods. They consist of 50-75% of meat or 50% of fish.

Canned dog food is represented with the following product lines:

  • Green Label is a well-balanced product of the super premium class made of fresh meat or fish fillet according to the Human Grade standards.
  • Orange label is an organic soup, high in microelements. It is recommended to add it into dry and wet foods, as it makes them more attractive for animals.
  • Classic is canned food produced from freshly-caught sea fish or meat of free-range animals.
  • Daily Menu is an everyday canned food made of high quality raw materials. In the composition of such products the company includes meat of free-range animals. Grains and vegetables grown without pesticides are also used there.
  • Single Protein is grainless wet food for animals, which need single protein diet.

Almo Nature also produces treats for dogs, Confiserie. The product is baked in the stove and looks like biscuits which people usually eat.

Almo Nature has four lines of dry foods for cats:

  • Rouge Label is a well-balanced holistic food which included 55% of freshly caught fish or poultry fillet of free-range birds.
  • Orange Label is an organic food made of super premium class ingredients. It is suitable for emasculated cats, sterilized lady-cats and animals prone to obesity.
  • Holistic is a well-balanced food of super premium class which maintains the normal weight of the animal due to the optimal amount of calories.
  • Functional Line. There are dietary products which help sterilised cats to maintain their normal weight. Anti Hairball is a functional food with vegetable fibre which prevents the hair ball formation in the cat’s stomach.

In the wide range of cat canned food there is a great number of products including those made especially for overweight or sterilised animals. And don’t forget about the unique food Alternative which consists of 91-99,5% of fresh meat or fish suitable even for people.

The treats for cats from Azul Label are high quality fillet without artificial additives. Such a product will become a perfect treat for your cat before the main meals of the day.

Advantages of Almo Nature products

Almo Nature doesn’t use animals for testing their products. Before putting up products for sale they are offered European families which agree to give them to their pets for tasting. Pet owners treat their pets with Almo Nature foods and can check themselves that these products are trustworthy.

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Zoobio offers you to buy products made by one of the best European companies at the most reasonable price. Choose foods, put them into your cart and leave the necessary payment information and place an order without leaving your computer. We’ll deliver your purchase so fast that your four legged friend can enjoy advantages of Almo Nature products very soon. If you don’t know exactly what food will be suitable for your pet, feel free to contact our customer support service.

Make your pet healthy and happy. Buy for it Almo Nature foods right now.

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