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Information about manufacturer - AL-KO-TE

AL-KO-TE is high quality pet food and treats for kois and other pond fish. All of them have been produced since the beginning of XXI century. The brand belongs to the German company “Allco Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co”. KG. Its history began in 1973 and its founder is Claus Lefers. In the beginning the company included just three workers and offered only milk for calves, but in the early 2000s among the product range there were already more than 300 kinds of various pet foods.

AL-KO-TE products

The company offers several lines of koi food.

  • For youngsters. In this category there are products which contribute to the balanced fish growth, maintain their immunity system and have a positive effect on metabolism. Foods have well-balanced composition and it means that your pets will get all the vitamins and nutrients in the necessary amount.
  • For feeding in spring, autumn and winter. These products are made taking into account fish needs in the seasons when low water temperatures slow down their metabolism. Due to the carefully selected ingredients which serve as a source of proteins and fats your pets can easily digest such food and get enough energy at the same time.
  • For feeding in summer. Products of this category are made considering the fact that fish are very active in summer time. Ingredients included in the composition of such food help to maintain fish health and their natural colours.
  • For feeding all the year round. Besides special season foods, the brand offers universal ones. They are highly digestible, give fish the necessary amount of energy and strengthen their immunity.

Natural treats for koi will be a good supplement to the main diet. Together with treats fish will get valuable nutrients: protein - biological construction material for fish bodies, fats – a source of energy, carotene - for bright colours.

The company also produces products for sturgeons. These fish get food at the bottom and that's why food which floats on the surface doesn’t suit them. Moreover, sturgeons need a lot of energy. To provide these fish with all the necessary, the Al-KO-TE team creates high-calorie, but highly digestible products with big amount of high quality fish flour and vegetable protein.

AL-KO-TE also offers food for other kinds of pond fish. Such products are made taking into consideration the fact that fish needs change during their growth and turn of the seasons. For example, you can choose fish food which maintains bright colours of gold fish and which is easily digestible even at low water temperatures. The company also produces sticks with the help of which you can feed any pond fish during summer time and pellets for the smallest fish species such as gudgeons.

Advantages of AL-KO-TE products

The AL-KO-TE company offers unique goods the production of which is based on the latest technologies. Due to the carefully selected ingredients AL-KO-TE fish food and treats have a positive effect on the appearance, growth, digestive system and metabolism of your pets. Moreover, such products do not pollute water and control algae growth due to the low amount of phosphorus. The use of such fish food is easy, convenient and safe.

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In the “Zoobio” website there is a wide range of products by this brand. Each of them has a detailed description and a photo. When you have a look at them, you’ll surely make a good choice.

The process of placing an order is quite simple: put the chosen goods into the cart, fill in the necessary payment information and leave your application for us. If you have any difficulties or just want to know more about the AL-KO-TE company, you can ask our online consultants any questions.

In our catalogue there are only high quality products at reasonable prices. Moreover, we regularly try to surprise our customers with great deals and discounts. With “Zoobio” you can reduce your spending on keeping your pets.

With Al-KO-TE food and treats your fish will get all the necessary for good health and well-being. Place your order for products of this brand right now and we’ll deliver the purchase in no time.

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