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  • Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs 20 kg  buy online
Pre Alpin Wiesencobs from Agrobs 20 kg buy online
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Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs 20 kg

  • Vital substances and crude fiber
  • Dust-free
  • Gentle pressing
  • Low in starch
  • 20 kg
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Pre Alpin Wiesencobs 20 kg

The Original for all Horses – also available in Organic quality.

  • Over 60 different grasses and herbs guarantee high contents of vital substances and crude fibre
  • Extra large cobs for the greatest possible amount of structure
  • Warm air-dried, free of dust and mould
  • Gentle pressing and processing preserve many native nutrients and minerals as well as vitamins
  • Regular monitoring of the meadows ensures the ideal harvesting time for a high content of crude fibre and an adequate amount of protein
  • Free of molasses, low in starch and fructan

Areas of use:

  • As basic feed (100% hay substitute)
  • For enhancement of hay, silage, pasture
  • As substitute for concentrated feed
  • In case of undersupply with applicable crude fibre, e.g. due to tooth loss
  • In case of respiratory problems due to dust and mould in the basic feed
  • In case of age-related weight loss
  • For increasing fluid intake
  • For masking medication
Hay & Fibres Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs packaging sizes
  • Pre Alpin Wiesencobs 20 kg
  • Composition
Chloride  (0.27%)
Manganese is an important trace substance that contains in all tissues and organs.Manganese: Learn more
 (144 mg/kg)
Zinc is an antioxidant and is responsible for production of insulin.Zinc: Learn more
 (29.90 mg/kg)
Copper is an important trace substance, its lack can harmfully affect a condition of an organism of the pet and cause the following:

- anemias;

- defects of bones and their slowed-down growth;

- heart failure;

- depression of reproductive potential.Copper: Learn more

 (6.06 mg/kg)
Therapeutic properties of selenium were discovered not so long ago.Selenium: Learn more
 (0.1 mg/kg)
Cystine Lysine Methionine
Analytical Constituents
Crude fiber 26%
Crude ash 8.7%
Total sugar 8.4%
Crude protein 8.3%
Crude oils 1.9%
Potassium 1.78%
Starch 1%
Calcium 0.71%
Phosphorus 0.26%
Magnesium 0.24%
Sulfur 0.17%
Natrium 0.03%
Feeding recommendations
  • As basic feed (100% hay substitute): approximately 1.5 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • As concentrated feed: 1.2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain
  • For enhancement of the basic feed: 1 kg substitutes 1 kg of hay
  • Introduce new feed gradually: per 1 kg soak with 1.5 to 3 litres of water
    Especially in fast eaters, old horses or in case of dental problems, dampening respectively soaking of the feed is generally suggested.

Nutrition advice

Balanced horse food
Every day the horse has to receive a set of forages and additives which will provide her organism with necessary nutritious and biologically active agents. Only in this case it for a long time will remain beautiful, healthy and full of strength.

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