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Information about manufacturer - Adaptil

Adaptil is a line of products which helps to control the dog’s behaviour in unusual and frightening situations. They are made in the United Kingdom and have a certain smell which only dogs can identify. The source of it is a synthetic analogue of the biologically active substance. Every female dog’s body produces it soon after the birth of puppies in order to calm them down and strengthen the emotional bond between them.

Adaptil products

  • Collars. Such products can be used for the dog socialization during trips, trainings or noisy events.
  • Spray diffusers. They will help you to create for your pet comfortable atmosphere in the house. This device should be used in the room where the dog spends most of its time. When the first bottle runs out of its liquid, you can replace it with another one.
  • Sprays. It can calm down the dog in any situation: during a trip by car, a visit to the vet, an exhibition or moving into a new house. You can treat your pet’s bed, house or a passenger compartment of your car with the help of such a spray.
  • Pills. They are perfect for the situation when you’ll have to calm your dog down at once. With their help the animal can much more easily overcome a visit to the vet or grooming specialist.
Advantages of Adaptil products

The efficiency of these products is proved by 18 researches, the results of which were published in various scientific magazines and represented in the international conferences. Adaptil products have been used and recommended by vets all over the world for many years already. With their help you’ll forget about annoying howling and barking, gnawed things, dirt and other problems which can be caused when your dog is under a great stress.

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“Zoobio” is the website where you can buy products of this brand at a very reasonable price. Just have a look at the catalogue, choose the necessary goods and put them into your cart. If you have any questions choosing products or placing an order, our online consultant will be glad to help you. We’ll make the delivery in the shortest time and try to make you happy with our deals and discount in the future.

Good behaviour of your dog begins with Adaptil. Make your pet’s life more comfortable. Place an order right now!

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